Are you delivering the same lessons over and over again using Zoom or Teams? 

Repeating classes isn't an effective use of your time or resources.  

Using our simple tools, create videos, and structure them into modules.  Create interactive features such as challenge questions and navigation buttons.  

Focus your resources on activities like practical training.

If your clients still want or need live input after video based training, then you can schedule sessions with our Zoom integration, blending the best of both approaches. 

Build video learning in 3 easy steps.... 
Capture- Create- Integrate

Step 1. Capture

Plan, shoot and edit your video into short learning segments

Use a good quality phone or SLR camera and edit using free iMovie or Windows Movie Maker

Step 2. Create

Use Digital Edge to add interactive features to your video and make it interactive learning content  

 Add interactive links

Add clickable links for downloads or webpages to take the learner to added value resources that you mention in the video.

 Add interactive labels 

Overlay labels onto the video to highlight points and keep the information on screen while the presenter speaks.  Good for summarising key points.

 Embed questions 

You can create end of unit multiple choice quizzes and you can questions that pause the video and give the participant a choice question.  It keeps the content engaging.

 Add navigation buttons

Adding navigation buttons allows the user to click on a button to take them to a different section of the video.  This could gives you the option of giving the learner more choices moving through the content as they choose.   

 Add pointers 

Add pointers to the video to pinpoint  key information using a arrow with a label..  This can be used to point to a specific element that the voice  track is discussing.  This could be to point a component or location.  

 Add highlight zones 

Create a focussed zone in the video that highlights a particular area of the screen.  This could be to focus the viewer on a particular area of the screen.  

Step 3. Integrate

Use the platform to deliver 100% remote learning or use it for blended learning.   

You can use our Zoom integration to incorporate live sessions into the course if you want to offer Q&A or test candidates understanding.  

Why should I use video learning when I have instructors?  

Imagine if you could focus your instructors on higher value activity, like delivering practical training and building more content.

You can build video content that is bespoke to your clients site and facilities.  

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