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Direct Access 

     This is for training centres that want to the benefit of bulk uploading of clients and basic reporting information.

You pre-pay courses and only pay for what you use.  

A great option where you pay as you go.

You benefit from a 10% discount on the advertised course price*

No month fee

Only pay for the courses


  • Only pay for accessing courses

    Bulk uploads For Cohorts  so no loading one by one 

    Weekly Reporting 

    All hosting and back-up's

    10%* discount on advertised prices 

    No minimum COMMITMENT 

Co-Branded Digital Edge 

You get the same benefits at Direct Access but in additionLearners will see your logo below the Digital Edge Logo on their landing page and across their site interactions.

You pre-pay courses and only pay for what you use. 

You benefit from a 20% discount on the advertised course price*.


Only $80/month
Billed annually/ Plus Courses Usage

$120/ month
Billed monthly/ Plus Course Usage


  • Learner Landing Pages carry
    your Logo

    All hosting a back-ups

  • Bulk uploads for cohorts so no loading one by one

  • weekly reporting

    No minimum purchase COMMITMENT 

    No additional charges for numbers of learners

    20% discount on advertised course prices*

    6 x month minimum commitment  for co-branding

    No minimum COMMITMENT on of course purchases


Custom Branded Portal

Your portal will be fully branded to your colour scheme and logo.  The  homepage will have your content and key messages.  

Your portal can be targeted to your clients and comes with the option of being able to resell courses to corporate clients.

You will have access to admin accounts for custom reporting and billing to clients

You will benefit from a 30% discount on the advertised course price*.  

Only $349/month
Billed annually/ Plus Courses
Initial Set-up Fee $3000
 $399/ month
Billed monthly / Plus Courses
Initial Set-up Fee $3000





    self service REPORTING 

    Option to use your own domain name


    Capability to build your own Learning content

    Integration with ZOOM for managing blended programs

    Integration with payment gateways

    1 year minimum COMMITMENT to branded portal

    30% discount on advertised course prices*

    $8 per Enrolment on Video Courses

    No minimum COMMITMENT on course purchases


    Custom domain Registration

    Local Sales Tax

    3rd Party site integrations at your choice

Join us for a free demo

If you would like to enable your e-learning portal then joins for a demo of what is possible 

Frequently asked questions

Can I get further bulk discount on the course prices?

The packages above do not require you to commit to a minimum level of activity.  Should you have a steady flow of clients that you can commit to or a project that you can predict the take-up of courses then yes we can explore further course cost reductions.  

*Plan discounts

Your % plan discount applies to All BASIC 30-45min courses listed at £40 and most other courses.  The are some limited exclusion are for long duration programme and bundled programmes.  Feel fee to clarify with us directly.

What level of customisation is included in the branded portal? 

The set-up fee includes the migration of the Digital Edge portal to your new and separate installation with modification of the site colour scheme to your brand, your logo and contact details, about us page.  Site banners will be customised with royalty free photography or your images.  It includes the modification to the the site automated emails, learner certificates and site terms and condition of use.  

It should be noted  to the LMS is template driven with attractive options allowing us to work together to build a unique corporate portal for you.  However, it should be noted that  this means that not everything is fully customisable.  For example a text colour in a button could locked within the temple not allowing us to change it for just that box.  

We will show you how to customise and modify the site to keep it up to date and give you the skills to keep fresh.

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