Safe Systems of Work

Work Permit Awareness

This course aims to provide personnel with an overview of the requirements and operation of a typical permit to work system
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Learning Outcome

LO1 Describe the purpose of a permit to work system and identify when it applies
LO2 Give examples of work which may require a work permit
LO3 Identify the different work permits that are commonly used in the Oil and Gas Industry
LO4 Describe the validity and display requirements for work permits
LO5 Give examples of common additional documentation that may be required to accompany a work permit
LO6 Give an overview of key roles and responsibilities within the permit to work system
LO7 Describe the individual roles and responsibilities of the different personnel involved in the permit to work process
LO8 Explain the purpose of the toolbox talk
LO9 Give an overview of work planning and risk assessment requirements
LO10 Explain the key stages involved in issuing a work permit
LO11 Identify the importance of stopping the job
LO12 Describe what is involved in suspending a work permit
LO13 Outline the requirements for permit renewal
LO14 Describe what is involved in closing a work permit
LO15 Describe shift handover responsibilities
LO16 Outline the work completion requirements
LO17 Identify training and competence requirements
LO18 Identify the main legislative requirements for implementing a permit to work system
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