Safe Systems of Work

Risk Assessment

This course aims to introduce, develop and increase learners’ knowledge and awareness of the importance of Risk Assessment and how it can reduce the likelihood of accidents in the workplace.
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Learning Outcomes

LO1 Explain the principles of, and steps involved in, the Risk Assessment process
LO2 Explain that employers have a responsibility for completing Risk Assessments and that employees have a duty to follow Risk Assessment outcomes
LO3 Identify a typical Risk Assessment form
LO4 Explain the requirements of the Risk Assessment team
LO5 Recognise and explain Risk Assessment terminology
LO6 Identify the different steps within the Risk Assessment process
LO7 Identify common, industry-specific hazards
LO8 Determine the appropriate level of Risk Assessment that may be required
LO9 Explain how to use a Risk Matrix to evaluate the level of risk
LO10 Explain how to identify appropriate control measures based on the Hierarchy of Control
LO11 Explain what is meant by ‘Initial Risk’ and ‘Residual Risk’
LO12 Describe what to do if any Residual Risk remains too high
LO13 Explain how to carry out a Personal Risk Assessment and recognise its importance before each task
LO14 Explain the importance of Dynamic Risk Assessment
LO15 Identify situations where ‘Stopping the Job’ may apply
LO16 Explain the importance of communicating the outcomes of a Risk Assessment
LO17 Understand the importance of communicating ‘Lessons Learned’
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