Safe Systems of Work

Principles of Risk Management

This course aims to provide an understanding of risk and how it can be managed.
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Learning Objectives

LO1 Define the term ‘risk’
LO2 Describe the different types of risk
LO3 Describe the risk assessment process
LO4 Describe how risk may be quantified
LO5 Explain how to use a risk matrix
LO6 Describe accident models and causation
LO7 Describe accident ratios and how they are used in risk management
LO8 Describe the advantages of identifying patterns in risk reduction
LO9 Describe what is meant by the term ALARP
LO10 Explain how human behaviour can affect risk
LO11 Describe how barriers are used to prevent risk
LO12 Describe the term Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
LO13 Identify the problems that may be encountered when implementing ERM
LO14 Describe a risk response strategy
LO15 Identify the steps in the risk management process
LO16 Describe the internal audit process
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