Environmental Hazards

NORM Awareness

This course aims to provide an awareness of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) and provide best practice for managing NORM in oil and gas producing facilities.
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Learning Outcomes

LO1 Define what is meant by NORM
LO2 Explain what is meant by ‘radioactive material’ and the difference between alpha particles, beta particles and gamma rays
LO3 Identify where NORM is found 
LO4 Describe the risks and hazards associated with NORM
LO5 Explain the purpose of radiation monitors 
LO6 Explain the importance of proper work planning
LO7 Identify control measures that can be used to minimise the risk posed by NORM
LO8 Describe the PPE that should be used when working with NORM
LO9 Explain how to limit decontamination and correctly dispose of NORM
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