Technical Familiarisation

Introduction to Pumps

This course aims to provide an overview of the various types of pumps used in the Oil and Gas Industry.
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Learning Outcomes

LO1 Describe what is meant by the term ‘pumps’

LO2 Describe centrifugal pumps and how they work

LO3 Describe starting a centrifugal pump

LO4 Describe rotary pumps and their operation

LO5 Describe rotary gear pumps and their components

LO6 Describe rotary screw pumps and their components

LO7 Describe rotary sliding vane pumps and their components

LO8 Identify the advantages of rotary pumps

LO9 Describe reciprocating pumps and their components

LO10 Describe the pulsation problems associated with reciprocating pumps
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