Technical Familiarisation

Introduction to Decommissioning

This course aims to provide an introduction to the decommissioning process and an overview of the regulations governing decommissioning on the United Kingdom Continental Shelf (UKCS).
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Learning Outcomes

LO1 Give an overview of the history of oil and gas production on the United Kingdom Continental Shelf (UKCS)
LO2 Explain why decommissioning activity is increasing on the UKCS
LO3 Describe what is meant by ‘decommissioning’
LO4 Explain the scope of decommissioning on the UKCS
LO5 Provide an overview of relevant decommissioning legislation and regulations
LO6 Explain the impact of the Brent Spar incident on decommissioning regulation
LO7 Provide an overview of the OSPAR Decision 98/3
LO8 Identify the different phases of the decommissioning lifecycle
LO9 Provide a basic overview of well plugging and abandonment
LO10 Provide an overview of the different methods of decommissioning
LO11 Provide examples of decommissioning projects on the UKCS
LO12 Give examples of the types of hazards which may be encountered during decommissioning
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