Safe Systems of Work

Introduction to Behavioural Observation Safety Systems

This course aims toprovide an introduction to behavioural observation safety systems
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Learning Outcomes

LO1 Identify the connection between unsafe behaviours and workplace accidents

LO2 Give an overview of Heinrich’s Safety Triangle

LO3 Explain what a behavioural observation safety system is

LO4 Explain the ‘ABC’ model of behaviour

LO5 Give examples of unsafe behaviours

LO6 Identify the reasons that people engage in unsafe behaviours

LO7 Explain the importance of defining critical behaviours

LO8 Explain the purpose of Safety Observation Cards

LO9 Identify when an intervention should be carried out

LO10 Describe the key steps required to carry out a successful intervention

LO11 Explain the importance of reporting safety observations

LO12 Explain the importance of maintaining a behavioural observation safety system
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