Technical Familiarisation

Hydrate Formation and Control

This course aims to provide awareness of how gas hydrates may be formed and the effects that they can have on pipeline flow assurance. The course examines what hydrates are, how they are formed and their molecular structure. It discusses flow assurance, details the risks of pipeline plugging by hydrates, and outlines the various methods of controlling hydrate formation.
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Learning Outcomes

LO1 Describe what hydrates are, the conditions they form under, and the risks they pose
LO2 Give an overview of the factors that change the conditions that hydrates form under, and describe how these conditions can be assessed
LO3 Explain where and when, in a typical oil or gas system, hydrate conditions may occur and how they may collect to form blockages
LO4 Describe how hydrate conditions may be prevented from occurring during typical operating states 
LO5 Explain how hydrate blockages may be dissociated after they have formed, and the risks that may occur with dissociation
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