Safety Essentials

Fire Warden Awareness

This course aims to provide Fire Wardens with an overview of the knowledge that they need to carry out their duties safely and effectively in line with industry best practice.
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Learning Outcomes

LO1 Explain the responsibilities of employers and employees
LO2 Identify key fire safety legislative requirements
LO3 Recognise how to keep the workplace safe
LO4 Identify what should be considered during a fire safety risk assessment
LO5 Explain what to do upon hearing the fire alarm or upon discovering a fire
LO6 Identify the fire triangle and explain how it works
LO7 Identify typical ignition sources
LO8 Identify typical fuel sources
LO9 Explain how oxygen supports the fire triangle
LO10 Explain how fire spreads
LO11 Describe the dangers of smoke
LO12 Describe how to extinguish a fire
LO13 Give an overview of the different fire classifications
LO14 Explain what is meant by ‘flashpoint’ and ‘ignition temperature’
LO15 Describe different types of fire-fighting equipment
LO16 Describe the responsibilities of a Fire Warden
LO17 Identify different fire prevention measures
LO18 Explain the actions you should take in a fire situation
LO19 Identify key fire safety information and explain where it should be displayed
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