Technical Familiarisation 

Controlled Bolting  

This course will explore components of a bolted joint and recognise and mitigate the risks associated with assembly.  
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Course Description 

Piping can be made from many materials; however, the oil and gas-based petrochemical and refining industries mostly uses steel or steel alloys in the construction of process piping systems. Individual piping components are joined together to form the complete process system. Processing facilities contain a significant amount of pipework that need to be connected. There are several methods used to join piping or tubing together, most facilities are constructed using a combination of welded, bolted and threaded joints. The prime purpose of any joint is in maintaining containment integrity in order to keep what are usually hazardous, pressurised and hot or cold materials in the place they are intended to be.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course you should be able to:
  • Identify different components of a bolted joint.
  • Explain correct assembly processes 
  • Relate to risks associated with bolted joint assembly
  • Recognise how to mitigate risks
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