Safety Essentials

Abrasive Wheels

 This course aims to provide all relevant personnel with the knowledge required to understand the hazards and controls associated with the use of abrasive wheels.
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Learning Outcomes

LO1 Explain what is meant by the term ‘Abrasive Wheel’
LO2 Explain the legislative requirements for abrasive wheels
LO3 Give examples of different types of abrasive wheels
LO4 Explain how abrasive wheels operate
LO5 Explain the importance of using guards during grinding operations
LO6 Explain the requirements for portable and hand-held grinding machines
LO7 Explain the main hazards of grinding operations
LO8 Give examples of common problems faced when using abrasive wheels
LO9 Explain what the PPE requirements are during grinding operations
LO10 Identify the safety measures that must be in place during grinding operation
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